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Higher education: 

the digital engagement challenge 

How Sitecore helps deliver optimal customer experiences

About The Webinar

Marketers from higher education institutions are faced with an ever-increasing range of challenges from competing against other universities, the need to maintain and grow reputations and the threat of Brexit in attracting international students.

It is more important than ever that universities leverage digital as part of their strategy to differentiate and sell themselves.

During this webinar, we’ll take an in-depth look at how the Sitecore marketing platform can help to deliver optimal student experiences.

What you'll learn:

The importance of profiling each visitor to your website
The role of personalisation in delivering a relevant experience 
Nurturing students with hyper-targeted email marketing
Mapping personalisation against each stage of the student journey





Mario Kyriacou, co-founder and managing partner, Ratio  


Watch the webinar
Watch the webinar
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